Rose Gold Jade Roller

Rose Gold Jade Roller

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Introducing the beautiful Rose Gold Jade Roller! 

This stunning tool is our new obssession! It is the perfect addition to your skincare routine and we absolutely love using it with our Glowing Face Elixirs! 

Jade rollers are known to stimulate lymphatic drainage and therefore help improve ciruclation and the skin's vitaility. Rolling the jade on your skin will help tone and restore a beautiful glow to your compelxion. 

Note that these rollers are made from real genuine stone and that they may vary slightlhy in color and shape. 

|How we like to use our Jade Roller?|

You will use your roller between each of your skincare steps! Essentially, above and beyond the stone's natural properties, using your roller will help your skin absorb all the products you are putting on it. This will therefore help you benefit even more from your beloved products!

|Tips and tricks|

We love using the cooling effect of the stone to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes! If you love the cooling effect as much as we do, try keeping your roller in the freezer between each use .. thank us later ;) 

We also feel like it is important to tell you to wash your roller between each use - a simple wash cloth/wipe is sufficient!