Glowing Clay Mask - 1.7oz
Glowing Clay Mask - 1.7oz

Glowing Clay Mask - 1.7oz

We don't know one person that doesn't want glowing skin .. So this mask is for all of you beauties looking to restore/maintain that beautiful glow! 

|What makes our clay masks special?|

Clays in general are super beneficial to the skin, but we wanted to create a super powerful mask with potent ingredients such as botanicals and fruit extracts that would help detoxify your skin as well help keep it clear! We have left them in dry form so that you can customize your mixes with the liquids of your choice! 

|How do we use it?|

In small bowl mix in a teaspoon of clay mask with an equal amount of liquid. You can get creative here but here are our favourite suggestions: 

- Apple Cider Vinegar (our holy grail) 
- Rose water/witch hazel (i.e. the rose petal toner!) 
- Milk, which has lactic acid and acts as a topical exfoliator 
+ Add a tiny little drop of glowing face elixir 

Let the mask sit for a few minutes to activate fruit enzymes, apply to a clean face with a clean brush or fingers - a thin layer will be sufficient. Wash off after 15 minutes and proceed with regular skincare regimen! 

Repeat once a week 

If you have combination skin - we strongly suggest multi-masking (i.e. applying the Clarifying Clay Mask to your T-Zone and this Glowing Clay Mask to the rest of your face!) 

|Ingredients and their benefits|


Green Clay - Skin firming 
Kaoline Clay - Exfoliating, cleaning, remineralizing
Rhassoul Clay - Retexturizing, hydrating 

Botanical Extracts

Cucumber peel - Antioxidant, cooling, skin firming, full of minerals/vitamins 
Maca - Rich in vitamins B1 and B2, C (complexion boosting) and E (collagen producing), Improves radiance and elasticity 
Green tea - Antioxidant, rich in vitamins C and E

Fruit Extracts

Papaya - Antioxidant, natural exfoliant via fruit enzymes, full of vitamins (A and C), complexion booster, restores luminosity 
Pineapple - Rich in minerals/vitamins such as beta-carotene (restores luminosity) and vitamins A and C, restores luminosity and elasticity

Other Minerals

Coconut Activated Charcoal - Detoxifying, removes impurities, skin brightener

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