Beard Oil - 30mL

Beard Oil - 30mL

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What makes our Beard Oil special?

We concocted a formulation that would target both your beard hairs as well as your skin. Our Beard Oil was created to be a multitasker. and here’s why:

  1. The Beard Oil contains argan, castor, and macadamia nut oils. Together, these oils work together to nourish the beard and tame it, as well as help with ingrown hairs and regrowth. 
  2. It contains a healthy dose of jojoba and argan oils which are know for their power to hydrate, soften, and brighten the skin underneath your beard! 
  3. We have added in a little drop of tea tree oil which helps keep your skin clean and clear given its’ antibacterial properties. 
  4. We have also added Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and is essential for the maintenance of a healthy skin and hair. It also helps with any scaring you may need help with.

It's been described by our amazing customers as one of the best smelling beard oils on the market! 


How do we like to use it ?

We like to put a few drops on the tips of your fingers. Massage into your beard first and make sure you reach your skin, and voila ! You've got a hydrated skin and a nourished beard that will not only be tamed for the day. It also helps that you will smell amazing all day long! 



- Coconut Oil*
- Avocado Oil*
- Sweet Almond Oil*
- Jojoba Oil*
- Argan Oil*
- Castor Oil*
- Pure Vitamin E
- Tea Tree Oil
- Fragrance Oil

*Organic ingredients

The oils we use to make our products come in their least processed form, are certified USDA organic*, cruetly-free, vegan, and gluten-free. 

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